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How do I book?

  • Complete the form below and send it to us
    Please complete all relevant details, including a second choice of apartment and your credit card details. When you are ready, print the form and fax it to us at +1 604 608 4987

  • That's it!
    A confirmation is sent to you by email and/or fax within 24 hours. If your 1st or 2nd choice apartments are not available we will let you know with details of a suggested apartment.

Please read our Deposit and booking terms

Thank you for booking with us!



eg. Studio, One/Two/Three Bedrooms - please use bedroom description shown on apartment's page

If you require more than one apartment, please detail the number of bedrooms needed for each

($ CAN)



eg. cot, wheel chair etc

Please print out your completed form and fax it to us at +1 604 608 4987